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In a study commissioned by Rosetta Stone, an independent research firm discovered what we already knew: that Rosetta Stone is an effective, innovative way to learn a new language. In fact, Rockman ET AL, a firm that specializes in examining education techniques, determined that learners using Rosetta Stone increased their language ability significantly, after just 64 hours.

Their findings show that nearly half of the participants in the study went from no knowledge to a beginning level of language ability in only 64 hours. These learners could answer short questions in the language.

Language Proficiency Improvement Graph

Twenty-five percent took their skills one stage further, exhibiting a moderate understanding of the language they studied, able to converse easily and handle basic tasks in their new voice.

Not only did participants accelerate their language skills, most left the testing with an "overwhelmingly positive" perception of the Rosetta Stone solution. Unlike other methods, they enjoyed their experience with Rosetta Stone. It’s no wonder that these findings prompted the professionals at Rockman ET AL to declare "that the Rosetta Stone solution is both an effective and efficient means of learning Spanish as a foreign language."

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